Outlook 6 July 2001, Volume 24, Number 14

Vice Adm. Nanos observes antenna technology


Vice Adm. George Nanos, Commander of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), visited the Center in late April. The agenda for this visit included a tour and presentation at the Model Range by Electromagnetics and Advanced Technology Division Head (D85) Craig Sayre” A number of advanced antennas for shipboard applications were displayed and demonstrated for Vice Adm. Nanos, and a brief was given on the overall Topside Design capabilities and efforts at the Model Range, with emphasis on cooperation with NAVSEA Topside Design personnel.


Robert Welch, Signal Processing and Communications Technology Branch (D855), demonstrated several phased array antennas that were designed and developed under the Low-Observable Multifunction System Advanced Technology Demonstration (LMS ATD) effort. The demonstration included two Ball Aerospace L-band phased array antennas and a combined ultrahigh frequency (UHF) satellite communication (SATCOM) and L-band phased array antenna, along with a Boeing Ku-band phased array antenna. Phased array antenna technologies offer significant benefits over conventional shipboard antenna systems. The desired characteristics of phased array antennas include: radar cross section reduction, electromagnetic interference reduction, blockage reduction, space/weight/moment savings, reduced life cycle costs, increased communications data rate levels, and merging of systems into integrated solutions. The Ball Aerospace combined UHF SATCOM and L-band antenna and a Boeing 20 gigahertz phased array receive antenna will be installed on the research vessel Lauren in August for at-sea testing in the Gulf of Mexico in September.


SSC San Diego is designing and validating the FSS radomes, handling the antenna integration issues such as antenna placement and electromagnetic compatibility, developing the Integrated High Frequency Antenna designs, and conducting antenna performance predications and measurements of major enclosed systems. Both AEM/S masts are currently being fabricated at Litton Avondale Industries in Mississippi. The USS San Antonio is scheduled for launch in November 2002. 

Vice Adm. Nanos (l) is being shown the Boeing Ku-band phased array antenna at the Model Range by Robert Welch (r) as SSC San Diego Executive Director Dr. Bob Kolb (l) and Craig Sayre (r) look on.

Vice Adm. Nanos (l) and Robert Welch (r) examine the backside of the Low Observable Multi-Function Stack Advanced Technology Demonstration (LMS ATD) Phase II L-band phased array antenna

Robert Welch (c) briefs the Vice Admiral (l) and Dr. Kolb (r) on the LMS ATD Phase I L-band phased array antenna.

The LMS ATD UHF/L-band ATD phased array for at-sea testing later this summer