Barrio Viejo - Planning and Assessment

Values in Barrio Viejo, Tucson

The Wong-Welch Organization, LLC never supports individuals or organizations who support individuals that hurl repulsive, slanderous epithets so indicative of hate-speech used to sub-humanize the LGBT community.

Something need not to be said about Linda Vista, San Diego

My family bought into the heart of Barrio Viejo in 1951 and then again in 1961.

Lucky's Market with living quarters (double brick street facing with rest of walls adobe brick), six apartments of adobe construction, and what is called the pool hall with two apartments.

Some notes on the Three Sisters

When searching on Barrio Viejo, Barb's door pictures invariably come up. Our doors on Kennedy Street I refer to as the Three Sisters. The other day, I sent her a note about one of her favorites. It wasn't good news. 

Fortunately, if I can even say that in these circumstances, I had already started CAD drawings on that door. As can be seen, time for the doors was limited. I have even reached out to the photographers who visit our neighborhood in order to understand that community.

I left about 1 AM having placed my standard door barrier where #3 once stood. There was a bit of a delay. A granddaughter of one of the former Kennedy Street residents was taking her son's pre-prom photographs in front of Sister #1. I stayed out of the scene - something learned the hard way when Hotel Arizona was visiting.